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Pseudomerica Front Cover_FINAL.PNG



Album, 2022

Are you feeling tired? Depressed? Irritable? Lonely? Scared? Unfulfilled? Disoriented? Uncertain? Anxious? Avoidant?

Like this reality-optional existence has somehow become mandatory?


Ask your doctor if Pseudomerica is right for you.

Instrumental Version

Could you do with a little less social commentary in your life?

Try new lyric-free Pseudomerica.

Fist Versus Concrete Cover_FINAL.png

Fist vs Concrete

Single, 2020

Written and recorded in five minutes of stupid rage.



EP, 2019

Instauration (n.)

1: restoration after decay, lapse, or dilapidation

2: an act of instituting or establishing something

"Delightfully heavy yet experimental experience that’s packed full of funky rhythms and melodies." - RobIlaz, Gig Radar

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